We are fast reaching the point where drone technology will have fully autonomous capabilities. Photo: AFP

War of the machines

4 min read . 29 Nov 2017
Today, the Doomsday Clock officially stands at 2.5 minutes to midnight, but the fact is that if it was to be reset now, courtesy Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s antics on nuclear weapons, it would undoubtedly be closer. Photo: AFP

Two minutes to Doomsday?

6 min read . 23 Aug 2017
There’s no cyberwar equivalent of the Geneva and Hague conventions. Photo: iStock

The scariest thing about cyberwarfare

4 min read . 11 Jul 2017
Last week’s mass sarin attack in Syria, as well as February’s assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong Nam with VX poison, served as grim reminders that the threat hasn’t gone away. Photo: Reuters

The US needs a new nerve gas antidote

5 min read . 11 Apr 2017