Wealth in india

India’s business elite has begun to hedge its wealth against the possibility of an inheritance tax staging a comeback. (iStock)

Estate tax in India is not the answer

1 min read . 06 Mar 2019
Among all 640 districts of India, Jalandhar district in Punjab has the highest share (88%) of affluence while Shravasti district in Uttar Pradesh has the highest share (61%) of the poor. Graphic: Mint

Where India’s affluent classes live

3 min read . 08 Aug 2018
The UHNIs invested a significant 13% of their income for growing personal wealth, mainly to capitalize on the growth in the Indian equity markets. Graphic: Mint
The poor do not really matter as consumers. They do matter, however, as a reserve army of labour, keeping wages down in the overall economy and boosting profits, which bolsters the incomes of the rich. Photo: Mint