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WhatsApp tightens security, bans 22.3 million accounts in India in Q1 2024

WhatsApp banned 22,310,000 accounts in India during the first quarter of 2024, nearly double the bans in 2023, indicating rising online scams and user safety concerns. The platform’s bans were based on user grievances, violations of laws and terms of service.

1 min read3 May 2024

Is Whatsapp Going To Exit India Over Encryption Dispute? | Delhi HC Hearing Explained in 2 Minutes

India is one of the largest markets for messaging app Whatsapp, which is owned by Meta. But now, Whatsapp has threatened that they’re ready to exit the India market. They said this in the Delhi High Court, during a hearing in which Whatsapp has challenged a new Indian law which requires social media platforms to identify the FIRST originators of certain messages, if a court orders them to do so. Whatsapp insists that this violates user privacy. Watch

26 Apr 2024

WhatsApp’s new passkey feature boosts security on iOS: How it works

WhatsApp is adding passkey support to its iOS app, allowing iPhone users to log in with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode for enhanced security. This feature uses public key cryptography and stores keys on Apple’s Keychain system.

1 min read25 Apr 2024

WhatsApp’s new dialler feature could allow voice calls to unsaved contacts: Report

WhatsApp is reportedly developing an in-app dialler feature for voice calls, which could allow users to call numbers not in their contacts.

1 min read24 Apr 2024

WhatsApp to soon enable file sharing without internet in upcoming update: Report

WhatsApp is testing new features, including local file sharing without internet and contact notes for personalized information.

1 min read23 Apr 2024

WhatsApp Beta rolls out ‘Recent Active Contacts’ feature: What is it and how it works

WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature spotlighting recent online contacts for easier conversation initiation. This curated list aims to enhance user experience by facilitating efficient communication with active contacts.

1 min read17 Apr 2024

WhatsApp works on extending ‘Chat Lock’ feature across all linked devices: Report

WhatsApp is reportedly working on updates to enhance security and add new features, including extending chat lock capabilities to all linked devices for enhanced privacy.

1 min read3 Apr 2024

WhatsApp to embed Meta AI directly into search bar for instant assistance: Report

The upcoming WhatsApp feature could integrate Meta AI queries into the search bar, providing users with swift access to AI-powered assistance and enhancing user experience.

1 min read25 Mar 2024

WhatsApp gears up for third-party app integration ahead of EU’s Digital Markets Act: Report

WhatsApp is reportedly preparing to introduce third-party messaging app integration on its platform in compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) by March. The parent company Meta is also working on integrating support for additional chat apps into Messenger.

1 min read8 Feb 2024

WhatsApp unveils new Channels feature, allowing users to share content via Status updates

WhatsApp has rolled out an update to its Channels feature, allowing users to share channel posts through their status updates, in a bid to enhance user engagement.

1 min read5 Feb 2024
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