Wildlife special

The Indian wolf is on top of the food chain in these grasslands after the extinction of the Asiatic Cheetah. Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan<br />

Wolf pack

4 min read . 12 Oct 2012
Illustration by Jayachandran/Mint<br />

Slithering beauties

6 min read . 12 Oct 2012
The Fruit Piercing Moth (Eudocima salaminia) uses its long barbed mouth to pierce its food. Photo: Sanjay Sondhi<br />

Winged fairies

6 min read . 12 Oct 2012
A desert cat in the Great Rann of Kutch. Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan.<br />

Cat’s concert

4 min read . 14 Oct 2012
The lionfish is a genus of venomous marine fish, found mostly in the Indo-Pacific. Lionfish are popular in some parts of the world as food. Found in shades of red, grey and black, they are also prized in the aquarium trade. Photo: Nandakumar M and Rithesh Nanda<br />

Water world

4 min read . 12 Oct 2012
Atul Jain. Photo courtesy: Atul Jain<br />

Atul Jain’s life of birds

5 min read . 12 Oct 2012
A painting representing Jahangir’s lion hunt, circa 1615. Photo: Wikimedia Commons<br />

The naturalist with a hint of cruelty

4 min read . 12 Oct 2012
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