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Woman, caught wasting time during work from home, fired; asked to pay ₹3 lakh to employer

A woman was fired for ‘wasting time’ during work from home and asked to pay ₹3 lakh to her employers for the 'theft of time'

1 min read18 Jan 2023

Centre weighs allowing work-from-home in special economic zones

This move would impact about two million people employed across over 350 SEZs, which contribute to over 25% of total exports from India

2 min read14 Sep 2022

Beyoncé, the Beatles and how to be creative today

What we can learn about collaboration and remote work from two pandemic hits

6 min read4 Aug 2022

Bosch unveils 76-acre smart campus in Bengaluru, with hybrid work norms

Over the last five years, Bosch has invested ₹800 crore in developing the 76-acre campus called Spark.NXT

3 min read30 Jun 2022

Tech majors step up to secure hybrid workforce

Increased risks to sensitive data have become a primary concern, and tech majors are leading the fight against them

2 min read14 Jun 2022

CEOs give dueling visions of the future of work

Corporate leaders, academics and government officials at the CEO Council Summit also discussed inflation, supply-chain bottlenecks and the war in Ukraine

5 min read5 May 2022

Back-to-office to wait as covid numbers rise

WFH, hybrid continue for now; firms encourage caution, booster shots

2 min read20 Apr 2022

Mark Zuckerberg and Meta’s leadership take remote work to the extreme

Executives are scattering to locations far from Silicon Valley headquarters, working from Hawaii, Cape Cod, Europe

5 min read23 Mar 2022

Firms tell recruiters to get candidates who want to work from office

Hybrid working is not working for the middle to senior management in the startup sector

2 min read14 Mar 2022

How many employees want a full return to office

Many banks are geared up for flexible working after two years of Covid lockdowns, with the likes of Citigroup Inc., HSBC Holdings Plc and NatWest Group Plc allowing hybrid working for many staff

1 min read14 Feb 2022
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