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Sexual harassment cases in top cos spike

While the rise in cases highlights a worrying trend, it also suggests increased awareness about sexual harassment and the availability of platforms to report complaints

2 min read3 Aug 2023

Long notice periods are back

Talent shortage, transition woes prompt India Inc to revert to extended notice periods of 2-3 months

2 min read6 Jul 2023

Inside the nightmarish ethics breach at TCS

The story of how greed undermined processes at a company with world-class governance

16 min read5 Jul 2023

Dearth of green talent puts India Inc in a bind

The shortage of talent to fill green jobs is forcing companies to poach or cast a wider net, or even hire overseas

10 min read27 Jun 2023

Visa delays push Indian IT firms to hire US locals

The current timeframe for issuance of B1 and B2 visas exceeds a year in cities such as Mumbai and Delhi

2 min read14 May 2023

Why are young doctors feeling burnt out?

Overwork, anxiety, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy lifestyle are taking a mental toll on resident medics

9 min read27 Apr 2023

An IIT degree guarantees a great pay cheque, right? Wrong

Unless you’re into software, graduating from India’s elite engineering institute is no guarantee of a high salary.After years of preparation and spending lakhs of rupees, some IIT graduates from non-computer science streams receive job offers with pay packages of less than ₹10 lakh

9 min read25 Jan 2023

How e-com helps delivery staff cool off in hot summer

The heat solutions include rest centres, ORS and cool fabric for uniforms

2 min read3 May 2023

A taboo is now on the table for India Inc

A significant part of the workforce goes through different stages of menopause, but there are no forums to address their needs.

3 min read13 Oct 2022

IT  companies  likely  to  slash campus  hiring  in  FY24

Recession fears have already delayed onboarding of freshers, even those hired six months ago.

3 min read6 Oct 2022
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