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Mint Primer: Iran-Israel flare-up: What does it mean for India?

Tensions are flaring in West Asia again. How will India be affected during this conflict?

2 min read14 Apr 2024

Argentina's President Javier Milei to cut 70,000 state jobs in ‘chainsaw-style' approach to economic problems

Argentine President Javier Milei has also frozen public works, cut off some funding to provincial governments and terminated more than 200,000 social welfare plans, which he called ‘corrupt’

1 min read27 Mar 2024

Bank of Japan's governor proposes ending negative interest rates, NHK reports, nears interest rate decision

Anticipation is building for what could be Japan's first interest rate hike in 17 years. It also marks a shift with BoJ being the last central bank to exit negative rates, ending an era of propping up growth through cheap money and unconventional monetary tools.

1 min read19 Mar 2024

Billionaire Elon Musk is worried the US will go 'bankrupt' for this reason...

‘Overspending must stop’, Elon Musk wrote while responding to a post by an X user who warned that over time 100% of US taxpayer monies could be used to pay interest on national debt.

3 min read13 Mar 2024

Taylor Swift tour prompts economists to upgrade Singapore GDP forecast. Here's why

Gross domestic product probably expanded 2.9% in the three months ending March 31, the quickest pace in six quarters, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey.

1 min read8 Mar 2024

India and South Africa object to WTO investment agreement in Abu Dhabi meet

The deal agreed by some 125 countries, or about three-quarters of the WTO's members, aims to simplify red tape, improve the investment environment and encourage foreign direct investment.

1 min read29 Feb 2024

Food Is Taking a Bite Out of Your Income. These Consumers Are Getting Creative.

Shoppers share strategies for coping with a blistering patch of food inflation, including potluck dinners, gardening and even hunting.

4 min read27 Feb 2024

Red Sea attacks not impacting inflation despite diversion of shipping route amid soft demand

Ships are being diverted away from the nearby Suez Canal trade shortcut to the longer and more expensive route around Africa. But, the diversions are not expected to have a huge effect on inflation because they are not driven by demand

1 min read23 Feb 2024

Shoppers Want Uggs and Hokas. The Brands Are Boosting Growth for Their Owner.

Footwear and apparel company Deckers Outdoor is investing to stay on top of what consumers covet, its finance chief says.

5 min read22 Feb 2024

It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income

Ongoing high costs are leading food manufacturers and restaurants to keep prices elevated.

5 min read21 Feb 2024
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