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Balaji Telefilms shares hit 52-week high as Kareena Kapoor, Tabu, Kriti Sanon starrer Crew teaser trends No 1 on YouTube

Balaji Telefilms promoter Ekta Kapoor is a co-producr of Crew movies, which is expected to hit theatres on 29th March 2024

2 min read26 Feb 2024

YouTube experiments with AI-based comment sections and ChatGPT like chatbot for enhanced recommendation

YouTube Premium members may have the chance to try out new AI experiments on YouTube, including organizing comments into topics and using conversational AI tools to provide information and recommendations.

1 min read8 Nov 2023

YouTube Music introduces new features: AI artwork for custom playlists, Speed Dial, more

YouTube Music unveils new features, including Speed Dial for quick access to frequently replayed music.

1 min read25 Oct 2023

How much do famous YouTubers in India earn, and how?

You Tube pays up to ₹53,460 for one million views. A number of youngsters, therefore, have started minting money from this video streaming platform run by Google. It is not an alternative income platform anymore but their main source of income.

2 min read21 Oct 2023

Urban millennials in India have had much to reveal in five years

It’s a generation with an ironic mix of sticky biases and rebellious instincts that took in-depth surveys to understand better

4 min read29 Aug 2023

YouTube tests new ’Song Search’ feature: Find music by humming or recording in just 3 seconds

YouTube is testing a new Android app feature that allows users to search for songs by humming or recording them for over three seconds. The feature is accessible through the YouTube app’s voice search and displays official music content, user-generated videos, and Shorts.

1 min read25 Aug 2023

YouTube adds TikTok-like features to Shorts: Details inside

YouTube is enhancing its Shorts platform, similar to TikTok, with features such as live video previews and new tools for creating Shorts videos.

1 min read2 Aug 2023

Indian YouTuber gets I-T notice with ₹2.6 crore dues; then he finds THIS: Report

The YouTuber has received a notice from the income-tax department demanding ₹2.6 crore in alleged dues. What happens next may surprise you.

1 min read26 Jul 2023

YouTube may disable videos for users having ad blockers, internal test reveals

YouTube is testing a feature to discourage users from using ad blockers on the platform. Users may receive repeated notifications and, in extreme cases, have playback temporarily disabled if they continue to use ad blockers.

1 min read1 Jul 2023

YouTube Music introduces redesign to app Mini Player for enhanced user experience

YouTube has updated its YouTube Music app, removing the Next track button and adding a permanent Cast button to enhance the user experience for Chromecast-enabled devices. Users can now navigate tracks by swiping left or right. The updates are being rolled out globally.

1 min read30 Jun 2023
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