Yuan devaluation

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After Brexit

1 min read . 04 Jul 2016
Photo: Bloomberg<br />

China’s next stimulus

4 min read . 28 Mar 2016
BSE’s benchmark Sensex closed Wednesday’s trading 19.86% down from its last peak on 4 March 2015. A market is said to be in bear territory if its benchmark index declines 20% or more over a period of time. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Investors exit, pursued by bear

7 min read . 21 Jan 2016
The Sensex tumbled 2.2 %, or 554.50 points, to 24,851.83, capping its steepest four-day loss since August. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br />
The People’s Bank of China has been fixing the yuan lower every day and the old worries about the move sparking uncertainty throughout Asia and leading to currency wars are back with a bang. Photo:Bloomberg<br />

Yuan devaluation scare redux

2 min read . 07 Jan 2016