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Thinking Ahead the Non-Linear Way with Ronnie Screwvala

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Antifragile caused a major impact by explaining that organizations need to develop a sense of resilience and antifragility. He opines that resilient characters would be able to sustain and resist shocks, but those who are antifragile get better. A major recalibration of India's socio-economic landscape took place after the COVID-19 pandemic. The next normal that overturned India's business ecosystem was digitization, becoming a boon for some businesses with a massive rise in demand, but many that were too vulnerable and fragile couldn't handle the change and imploded. The current strategizing that businesses employ follows a very linear and orthodox way of thinking when thinking processes ought to have various directions to grow and learn, rather than one direction, which is called non-linear thinking. In order to discuss and all this and the direction that non-linear thinking could take, we spoke with Ronnie Screwvala, a serial entrepreneur, author, pioneer of cable television and co-founder of UpGrad, one of India's biggest online higher education companies to learn more about his insights about his report ‘Non-Linear Thinking’ to learn more about antifragility in this new Industrial Revolution and the road ahead.
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