Published By Livemint | 03 May, 2023

Fixed with a tape

Planes can be temporarily fixed by using ‘speed tape’
Credit : Pexels

Secret room

Crew rest rooms in planes like Boeing 787 resemble a hidden tiny capsule hotel
Credit : Unsplash

Orange black boxes

Flight recorders, aka, black boxes are actually painted in orange colour

Dirtiest part of aeroplane

Tray tables are a plane's dirtiest part, have 2.1K bacteria colony-forming units/square inch
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Landing is the riskiest part

Bringing a plane down is the riskiest part of a flight, shows Boeing’s data
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Cruising part is safer

Cruising part witnessed 11% of total fatal accidents in 2007-16, says Airline Ratings
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Weight of world’s largest airplane

Antonov AN-225 is the world’s largest airplane and weighs around 591 tons, says Best Life
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Don’t sit on middle seats

Seats on the middle of the plane are the riskiest to sit on, found Times Magazine in 2015
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Little holes in windows

Holes in windows reduce pressure as they are made up of several panels of glass
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