Published By MintGenie Team | 23 Apr, 2024

End of an Era

NASA's SOFIA Telescope, housed in a modified Boeing 747 aircraft, completed its last flight on September 29, 2022.
Credit : NASA

Infrared Insights from the Stratosphere

Operating since 2010, SOFIA conducted 921 flights, utilising infrared light to explore celestial phenomena from Earth's stratosphere.
Credit : PEXELS

Legacy of Discovery Continues

While SOFIA's flying days are over, astronomers continue to analyse years of data collected, anticipating further scientific revelations and breakthroughs.
Credit : PEXELS
Here are some images captured during the SOFIA mission: 
Credit : PIXABAY

Centaurus A

Features orange and dark red dust lanes, with a central column and a faint blue shell at its periphery. Twisted magnetic fields distort its centre column.
Credit : NASA

Orion Nebula

Reveals intricate details of the nebula, including a "bubble" created by a powerful stellar wind clearing gas and dust.
Credit : NASA

Cigar Galaxy

Displays red outflows caused by a nuclear starburst, with a grey starlight ring around the centre, highlighted by red hydrogen and yellow dust.
Credit : NASA

Omega Nebula

Exhibits a horseshoe-shaped nebula with red cold dust outlining its outer shell, interspersed with white-hot stars and other cosmic material in blue and orange hues near the centre.
Credit : NASA