Published By Livemint | 08 Nov, 2023
The people living in Delhi-NCR felt earthquake tremors twice in just days as Nepal faced some serious destruction due to the seismic activity. There are some practices which residents must follow during an earthquake
Credit : Reuters
Here are some of the practices to follow during an earthquake
Credit : Reuters

Drop down and take cover

As per CDCP, the first reaction to a earthquake should be to drop down to your hands and knees as the position allows you to move and take cover
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Away from heavier objects 

If possible, try to move away from heavier objects like glasses, hanging objects, bookcases, china cabinets etc
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Avoid fire 

In case you are in kitchen, turn off the stove quickly and cut the gas connection if possible. Then take cover as soon as possible
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Stay in your car if driving

In case you are driving during earthquake, stay in your car and look for an open ground to park. Stay away from utility poles, overhead wires, and under- or overpasses.
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Don't rush towards doorways

Earthquakes always create panic situations and in case you are in a crowded place do not rush towards the doorways as everyone has the same idea, try to take cover first
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