Published By MintGenie Team | 23 Apr, 2024
Ensuring financial protection by selecting the appropriate car insurance policy is crucial for avoiding penalties and peace of mind while driving.
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Consider these factors when assessing a car insurance policy:
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Engine Type Coverage

Insurance needs differ for petrol/diesel and EV/hybrid engines, including coverage for charging accessories and privately owned charging stations.
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Assess Coverage Needs

Evaluate coverage level based on vehicle value, financial situation, and legal requirements, considering options like liability-only or collision coverage.
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Insured Declared Value

Choose providers offering customisable IDV values, crucial for used cars to ensure adequate coverage.
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Deductibles and Premiums

Strike a balance between deductibles and premiums to align with budget and risk tolerance, considering potential out-of-pocket expenses.
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Comprehensive Coverage Features

Opt for comprehensive car insurance covering damages due to collision, theft, fire, natural calamities, personal injury, and more.
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Add-On Covers

Consider additional options like zero depreciation cover, breakdown assistance, and return to invoice cover for enhanced benefits.
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Claim Settlement and Assistance

Prioritise insurers with high claim settlement ratios, streamlined claim processes, 24x7 customer assistance, and a wide network of garages for convenience.
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