Published By MintGenie Team | 30 Nov, 2023

Early Financial Planning 

Rising inflation, especially in education costs, demands early financial planning for children's futures.
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Exploring Child Investment Plans

Considering child-specific investment plans is crucial to alleviate financial burdens during key milestones in children's lives.
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Insurance-Cum-Investment Plans

Parents seek both returns and financial security; insurance-investment hybrid plans offer both, especially guaranteed plans with no market risks.
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Guaranteed Plans for Risk-Averse Investors

These plans offer secure wealth accumulation with competitive returns up to 7.5% and tax benefits, ideal for risk-averse individuals.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs)

Combining insurance and investment, ULIPs allocate portions to market-linked investments but come with market-associated risks.
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Child Capital Guarantee Solutions

Balances capital protection and potential gains from market growth, ensuring financial security for children's future goals.
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Waiver of Premium Feature

Exceptional inclusion in plans where the insurance company waives future premiums upon the policyholder's demise, securing the child's future.
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Tax Benefits 

Providing financial reassurance for parents, these plans offer tax benefits under Sections 80C and 10 (10D).
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Comprehensive Child Investment Plans

Designed to cover education, college expenses, wedding costs, and entrepreneurial aspirations, requiring strategic fund allocation.
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Strategic Fund Allocation for Milestones

Vital planning and fund allocation are necessary to achieve various milestones in children's lives effectively.
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