How India lost $ 159 billion due to extreme heat in 2021

Published By Livemint | 21 Oct, 2022

India lost 5.4% of its GDP in service, manufacturing, agriculture and construction sectors due to scorching heat in 2021

There was a loss of 167 bn potential labour hrs last year due to heat, says Climate Transparency Report 2022 

Floods, cyclones & landslides damaged crops spread over 36 mn hectares and caused $ 3.75 bn loss to farmers between 2016 and 2021

The changing rainfall pattern over 30 years has adversely impacted economic activities such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries. 

World needs to be just 1.5 degree warmer, to increase India’s annual flooding damage by 49%

Cyclone damage will shoot by 5.7 % in India at 1.5 degree celsius of warming

India’s labour productivity will decline by 5% if the Earth gets 1.5 degree Celsius hotter