Published By Livemint | 09 Jun, 2023
Changes in lifestyle can help prevent the onset of diabetes. Here are 5 changes you can make to protect yourself.  
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Lose extra weight

Losing weight reduces the risk of diabetes. A study showed reduced risk of diabetes after losing 7% of their body weight. 

Physical activity 

Physical activities such as aerobic or resistance exercises can help you lose weight and lower your blood sugar. 
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Eat healthy plant foods 

Fiber-rich foods like fruits, leafy greens, oats and vegetables promote healthy weight loss and lower the risk of diabetes. 
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Eat healthy fats

We need fat in our body for functioning. Fatty fish, nuts and seeds, olives, etc. are a few examples of healthy fats and are a better option than artificial fat foods.
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Healthier choices

Your goal should be to lose weight and then maintain a healthier weight after. Create a strategy you can maintain as a lifelong habit. 
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