Published By Livemint | 07 Jun, 2023
Going to the gym may not fit into your schedule but here are 7 ways you can stay fit without it. 

Take a walk 

Squeeze in a walk in the morning or after work to get your heart rate going. You can go for a stroll in the park with friends or take some alone time.
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Blast the speakers and have a dance party in your room. Also check out dance or Zumba classes being offered in your city. 
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Take up a sport! Fitness can be fun when you're playing basketball or football with your friends.
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Home workout

There are many tutorials on the internet that you can follow such as Chloe Ting's workout challenge. 
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Take the stairs 

Take the stairs instead of the elevator occasionally to get in a little bit of cardio in to your every day schedule naturally. 
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Jump rope 

Jump rope is fun and an easy way to get your heart rate pumping. You can also purchase light, at home equipment such as weights. 
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Create a game 

Next time you're watching your favourite TV show, make it a game! Every time a character does something funny, do 5 push ups. 
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