Published By Livemint | 08 Jun, 2023
According to Smart Air, here are the 10 most polluted cities in the world in 2023. 
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#10 Peshawar, Pakistan  (66.15 µg/m3)

Poorly maintained roads and construction sites are a main source of pollution in Peshawar.
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#9 Hapur, India  (67.02 µg/m3)

The primary causes of air pollution in Hapur are the presence of particles of aerosols & gas from vehicles emissions, burning stubble, etc.
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#8 Patna, India  (67.20 µg/m3)

The main cause of air pollution in Patna, India is the high concentration of PM 2.5 and PM 10 in the area.
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#7 Ghaziabad, India  (74.72 µg/m3)

Dirt, concrete and microplastics make their way into the atmosphere in Ghaziabad due to the lack of rules required to keep spillage at a minimum.
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#6 Baghdad, Iraq  (77.62 µg/m3)

The poor air quality in Iraq is the result of vehicle emissions, war-induced pollution and usage of generators for power.
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#5 Muzaffarnagar, India (81.35 µg/m3)

The PM2.5 levels in  Muzaffarnagar are 4.6 times above the recommended limit given by the WHO air quality guidelines value.
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#4 Delhi, India  (84.39 µg/m3)

Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world and long term exposure has caused respiratory problems and fatal lung cancer. 
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#3 Dhaka, Bangladesh (84.73 µg/m3)

Air pollution in Dhaka has caused around 15,000 deaths in 2023.
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#2 Lahore, Pakistan (111.63 µg/m3)

Lahore has jumped more than 10 places to become the city with one of the worst air qualities in the world.
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#1 Dammam, Saudi Arabia (124.11 µg/m3)

The main pollutant in Dammam is pm2.5, which is at a concentration of 124.11 µg/m3.
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