NASA’s fourth crew mission completes with a splash

Published By Sharmila Bhadoria | 15 Oct, 2022

After spending nearly six months in space, NASA’s SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts reached Earth safely

Credit : NASA

Dragon Spacecraft carrying the Crew-4 safely splashed down the Jacksonville coast, Florida on Friday

Credit : AFP

With this, SpaceX and NASA have completed fourth commercial crew mission to the International Space Station

Credit : pexels

Mission was completed by a team of four astronauts and will contribute in opening venues for future space exploration

Credit : NASA

 The Crew-4 mission was the first spaceflight for Bob Hines

Credit : AP

Although, he was not alone. Jessica Watkins also travelled to space for the first time

Credit : Ap

Throughout their mission, Crew-4 contributed in science and maintenance activities and technology demonstrations

Credit : AP

Crew Dragon Freedom took its maiden flight with Crew-4 astronauts in April 2022

Credit : AP

NASA recently launched Crew-5 commercial flight with SpaceX on 6 October,2022

Credit : AP