Published By Akash Yadav | 03 Feb, 2023

 Netflix indicated that it is stepping up the crackdown on password sharing with an update

The new co-CEO confirmed that the vast majority of subscribers who use the service but do not pay for it will be forced to do so in the near future

According to the update a single account can be accessed by people living in one household

While sharing an account across multiple locations will be charged additionally

When a new device associated with the primary account is trying to log in from a different address, the user will have to enter an OTP

 The device logged in from another location will have uninterrupted access to the account for the next seven days

IP addresses, device IDs and account activity are tracked by the streaming company to verify devices claiming to be in the same household

Users travelling with the primary device will not face any login issues while at a different location

However, users may occasionally be requested for device verification if they are away from the primary household for an extended period

 Netflix also added that “users won’t be automatically charged” when caught sharing passwords with people outside the household