Published By Fareha Naaz | 19 Sep, 2023

Improved autocorrect

The autocorrect feature learns from your typing habits and is less likely to replace explicit words with milder alternatives.

Check in feature

In Messages, a Check-In feature allows you to notify selected contacts when you arrive safely at a destination, providing information on route, cell connectivity, and battery level.
Credit : Apple Hub

Enhanced stickers

Messages offer quick access to stickers, including those from third-party apps. Users can create custom stickers from photos and add interactive effects.

Multiple timers

iOS 17 enables users to set multiple timers simultaneously, making it easier to manage various countdowns by labeling each timer.

StandBy mode

When the phone is placed on a MagSafe charger, it activates this Mode, making the device into a clock, calendar, digital photo frame, or information centre with widget smart stacks.
Credit : Apple Hub

Video Effects

iOS 17 introduces 8 video effects for reactions during video calls, which can be triggered using hand gestures. 

Group Chat Updates

Inline replies make it easier to respond to specific messages within large group chats with improved search, transcriptions for audio messages.

Visual Voicemail

Incoming voicemails are transcribed in real-time and displayed as text on the lock screen, allowing users to decide whether to answer a call.

Safari Privacy

Safari now supports multiple profiles for separate browsing habits, and private browsing tabs require reauthorization after 15 minutes.
Credit : Apple Hub


You can instantly share contact details with others by bringing your iPhone close to theirs or create personalized contact posters.
Credit : Apple Hub