Published By Livemint | 29 Nov, 2022

 Learn to hold your camera properly, to avoid shakes and blurry images

Start shooting in RAW for higher quality images. RAW is a file format like jpeg

EXPOSURE TRIANGLE: It simply refers to the three most important elements of exposure; ISO, aperture and shutter speed

When shooting portraits, use a wider aperture to make your subject the main focus 

If shooting a scene where you want everything to be in full focus, you should select a narrow aperture

Aperture Priority Mode and Shutter Priority Mode are used to give you more control without being overly complicated

Don’t be afraid to raise the ISO, there’s a time and place for everything. 

Make a habit of checking and resetting your ISO settings before you start shooting anything

Be careful with your on-camera flash because using your it at night or in low light can lead to some unpleasant effects 

Learn to adjust white balance. Different types of lights have different characteristics