Published By Shweta Gupta | 26 Feb, 2024

Pankaj Udhas

Legendry singer pankaj udhas who gave memorable hits like "Chitthi aayi hai" died after prolonged illeness. His  family confirmed today.

5 hit Ghazal songs by Pankaj Udhas

Here are the five most iconic songs by Ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas

"Chithi aayi hai"

This song from the movie "Naam" is one of Udhas's most iconic tracks , known for its emotional depth

"Aur aahista kijiye baatein"

A beautiful ghazal that showcases Udhas's melodious voice and poetic expression.

"Jeeye to Jeeye Kaise'

Another popular song from the movie"Saajan", known for its romantic lyrics and soulful rendition by Udhas.

"Chandi jaisa rang hai tera"

This ghazal has captivated audiences with its mesmerizing melody  and evocative  lyrics .

"Na kajre ki dhar"

A romantic song from the movie " Mohra" , featuring Udhas's enchanting vocals.

Pankaj's udhas life 

Pankaj Udhas's life and experience reflect his commitment to his craft , his ability to adapt to changing times and his love for ghazals

Udhas' unique style of singing

Many of Udhas 's gazals  and songs are known for evoking deep emotions due to soulful lyrics