Published By Livemint | 30 May, 2023

Tim Cook

Tim Cook is CEO of Apple who has led the company since the death of its founder Steve Jobs

Doubled revenue

Since joining Apple as CEO in 2011, he has helped the company double its revenue and net profit
Here are 5 success mantras from Tim Cook that you should apply in your life

Stay true to yourself

Cook says staying true to yourself will help you form better relationships and find more satisfation in your work

Dare to stand out

Have your own goals, ideas, and  projects and do not let anyone interfere in your path to success

Have a plan

Focus on the things that work for you today, and also have a plan on how you will embrace the uncertain circumstances in the future

Awkward silences

Cook has a Rule of Awkward Silence, which allows him to make better decisions and avoid mistakes

Rule of Awkward Silence

You should stay quiet for a few minutes and speak only when you are sure of the answer
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Put down your phone

Cook is not connected to his digital devices all day, instead he likes to go out and find deeper connections with other people