Published By Livemint | 06 Jun, 2023

What is Influenza?

Influenza, more popularly known as the flu, is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs. Unlike a cold, the flu develops rapidly and aggressively. 
Here are 7 ways you can ease symptoms of the flu without professional help
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Due to its contagious nature, people with the flu are advised to stay home and give their body the required amount of rest. 
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Drink plenty of fluids 

Its important to stay hydrated to turn the thick mucus in your respiratory system into a thin liquid you can cough out of your system. 
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Your body will turn up the heat to fight off the flu virus. You can treat fever and body ache with over-the-counter medication. 
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Cough relief drops

Sucking on the familiar orange tablet will moisten a scratchy throat and may even help with your cough. You can take Viks, Cofsils or Strepsils among many.
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Saline nose drops 

Saline nose drops or sprays can help relieve you of mucus while being safe, even for kids. 
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To moisten the air around you, you can sit in your bathroom and let the shower run hot or switch on a humidifier than can help ease your cough. 
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Antivirals can shorten the flu and make your symptoms milder when you are sick if the drugs are taken early on. 
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