Published By Moushumi Mahanta | 09 May, 2024

On AI and Google's Early Decision

"In 2016, one of the first things I did as CEO was to say the company should be AI first...we're just getting started the beginning of what I think would be an extraordinary decade of innovation. And so I'm incredibly excited about it."
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On the Scale of AI's Impact

"It is bigger, we still have a long ways to go. But we are in the early stages of that. And so you know, you're going to feel that excitement, that frenzy. But I think we are prepared for it."
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Pichai’s Reflections on Leadership and Experience

"I think the main thing is, when you've done it for a while, you get to understand patterns...And so I think that helps you kind of pattern match, and, and deal with it more effectively."

The Origin of AI Technologies at Google

"We used transformers in search...So we've infused transformers across our products...we have a chance to do that better with generative AI and with the Gemini series of models."
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On Navigating AI's Evolution and Potential Errors

"Part of what makes Google Search differentiated...It will always link to a wide variety of sources...We're just now using generative AI to do that."
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The Growing Challenge of AI-Generated Content

"Anytime there's a transition, you get an explosion of new content. And AI is going to do that...doing that well is what will define a high-quality product."

Perspective on Leadership Amid Rapid Technological Change

"One of the first things I did when I became a CEO was to pivot the company sharply to focus on AI...I think the larger the company is, you are making fewer consequential decisions..."

Google's Adaptation to the AI Era

We have been preparing for this for a while. You know, a lot of the foundation of breakthroughs in the field came from Google."

On Alphabet's Evolution and Strategy 

"You're going to invest in deep technology and computer science and apply it to solve problems for people...I think that part doesn't change when you take big, large scale bets."

Vision for the Future of AI and Google

"I hope some of this looks like a toy in the future. I hope it is that way. Otherwise, we didn't do our job well."