Published By MintGenie Team | 06 Dec, 2023
While sunlight is an optimal source of vitamin D, obtaining it this way is often challenging. Hence, acquiring vitamin D through food or supplements is considered the most effective alternative.
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Here are some foods that are high sources of vitamin D: 
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Salmon, a widely consumed fatty fish, serves as an excellent vitamin D source. 
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Herring and Sardines

 Herring, being a small fish, provides a substantial amount of vitamin D. Canned sardines are also rich in this nutrient.
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Cod Liver Oil 

One teaspoon of cod liver oil holds 450 IU of vitamin D, amounting to 56% of the DV, and it's rich in vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids.
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Canned tuna

Canned tuna, favoured for its taste and convenient storage, stands as a significant vitamin D source.
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Egg Yolks

Yolks from eggs raised outdoors or fed vitamin D enriched feed offer significantly higher levels of vitamin D, compared to commercially raised hen eggs.
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