Where Priyanka Chopra has invested her money?

Published By Livemint | 01 Nov, 2022
Chopra has become a global icon with her performance in Hollywood movies and shows
Apart from acting, the Quantico lead has also invested in many businesses
Sona Home: The homeware venture is her recent investment
Sona restaurant: The homeware venture drew inspiration from her Indian restaurant, Sona, in New York
Bumble: Priyanka invested in the dating app in 2018 and also became advisor during its launch in India
Holberton School: The Baywatch sensation invested $ 8.2 mn in the company that teaches programming skills to students
Apartment List: This is her stepping stone in the real estate market
Perfect Moment: The luxury skiwear brand marked Chopra’s entry in fashion industry with husband Nick Jonas 
Genie:  Along with Priyanka, the virtual avatar firm has Camila Cabello and Paris Hilton as investors.
Anomaly: She started this haircare brand to provide affordable and chemical free products