Published By Livemint | 22 May, 2023

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Built in 1776, this library is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world
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The Library of Congress, US

Library of Congress is considered to be the largest library in the world 
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The Bodleian Library, UK

Opened in 1602, Bodleian library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and holds many 14th century books
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Trinity College Library, Ireland

Constructed in the 18th century, his library features beautiful woodwork and marble busts of renowned philosophers

Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico

This library features an impressive steel and glass structure with cascading shelves that seem to float in mid-air
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Strahov Monastery Library, Prague

Built in 1679, this library is home to thousands of books printed between 16th and 18th century
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Biblioteca Statale, Italy

Open since 1566, this library  showcases a blend of Renaissance and Classical architectural style
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Tianjin Binhai Library, China

Designed by MVRDV, this library features a spherical auditorium and diverse educational facilities
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Stockholm Public Library, Sweden

Established in 1928, this library showcases a blend of simplicity, elegance, and functionality
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Tama Art University Library, Japan

This library comes with minimalist furniture, glass walls and curved concrete arches
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